This website serves as a page for information about me and my current projects. Information is available below if you would like to get in contact.

About me – 100% Nerd

I am a IT Specialist working at Datentechnik.nrw.
I run a Tor-Node, a Full Bitcoin Node, a DNS Resolver, a mirror for some nice projects (official Qubes-OS mirror (Wiki) Provider for germany & official primary mirror for Whonix (Wiki)), a jitsi-server for the local Chaos Club and so on…

In the evening you can meet me for a one or two rounds at the game OpenRA.net. For this I also provide 10 game servers and run a mirror.

Contact info

Get in touch with hallo at [koljasagorski dot de].

My PGP can be found here. You can found me on Masterdon, GitHub, Twitter & LinkedIn.

BF64 76F6 E2A1 F7F4 6359 B31C C6B2 DA48 7510 01CB

My onion (Tor) url for this blog: